Hot Melt Adhesives

Learn more about the benefits of Hotmelt adhesives

Hotmelt adhesives are used in a huge range of applications. They are normally applied at temperatures between 120 – 170ºC using specialised equipment. As the adhesive cools it sets very rapidly forming bonds in just a few seconds.

We offer the following types of hotmelt:

Metallocene – these are mainly used in the food packaging industry for closing and sealing cardboard cartons. They are clear in colour, have low/no odour, are very heat stable & clean running. They offer significant advantages over traditional EVA hotmelts and when customers are installing new equipment we would always recommend they use metallocene hotmelt

Metallocene adhesive is a popular choice for manufacturers of;

  • Food packaging
  • Paper & cardboard packaging

How Metallocene benefits manufacturers looking to install a new gluing machine

Is your business looking to introduce a new glue machine to a production process? We recommend exploring metallocene adhesive because it will increase your machine up time, reduce time spent on maintenance and lessen the opportunity of commercial gluing failures.  Metallocene hotmelts can also be applied at lower coat weights than traditional EVA hotmelts making them a clean and cost-effective adhesive solution for your business.

Learn more about alternative hotmelt adhesives

EVA – although they are still used in the food packaging industry they are quickly being replaced by metallocenes. They are however still widely used for the manufacture of cardboard packaging, books and furniture.

PSA – pressure sensitive hotmelts remain permanently sticky at room temperature. This makes them particularly suitable for labelling, self seal envelopes and cartons, pallet stabilisation & bookbinding.

HMPUR – polyurethane hotmelts are mainly used for bookbinding and furniture manufacture. They have excellent water and heat resistance & form incredibly strong bonds.

The Demcomelt range is manufactured by our parent company Gluecom. The range includes metallocene, EVA and PSA hotmelts.

A global leader in hotmelt technology HB Fuller have products for ever application. We offer HB Fuller’s entire hotmelt range for bookbinding, packaging and woodworking. More information is available on our partners page.

The Planamelt range from german manufacturer Planatol burst on to the scene and has changed the way we think about bookbinding hotmelts. Planamelt combines the advantages of EVA and HMPUR hotmelts and eliminates the disadvantages, to provide an improved biding experience. More information is available on our partners page

Our Hotmelt adhesives support many manufacturing industries, including;

  • Hygiene products
  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Paper and cardboard packaging
  • Bookbinding (including magazines and catalogues)
  • Filter manufacture
  • The food packaging sector

With our innovative in-house adhesive experts, Ace Adhesives is continually developing and improving existing hotmelt technology to meet our client’s evolving manufacturing needs. As experienced industrial adhesive suppliers we understand the complexity in manufacturing.

Need technical industrial adhesive support?

Our expert commercial adhesive team can offer you technical support from our laboratory. As adhesive manufacturers and suppliers, we understand the challenges of manufacturers exploring options to automate a process or streamline an adhesive solution to create a new product. Our expert adhesive support team will help you find the right product by completing bonding tests and offering advice on the ideal manufacturing machinery and adhesive equipment. You can contact us here