About Ace Adhesives

A leader in commercial adhesives

Ace was established in 1986 by two people with a genuine passion for the adhesive industry. Though many things have changed over the intervening years that passion and drive for industrial adhesives has remained. From the moment we answer your call you will know that you are dealing with a very dedicated & professional team.

With two adhesive manufacturing sites and a third distribution warehouse we are well placed to serve the whole of the UK quickly and efficiently. Our UK and European labs regularly develop new products and work closely with commercial glue manufacturers to make sure we are up do date with the latest machinery and production techniques.

Our success and reputation is built on quality and service. We supply high quality adhesive products on time, every time.

In recent years the Gluecom Group has made massive investments in new equipment & facilities. New lines for metallocene & PSA hotmelts were installed at our French site, additional end-product warehousing was built in the UK & new packaging lines were installed in Belgium.
Ace originally started in 1986 distributing adhesives from a small factory in Adridge. Within 18 months the first mixer was installed to make PVAs. In 1991 the company moved to larger premises in Aldridge and has continued to grow ever since.
When choosing your adhesive supplier you have to be confident they can supply a quality product on time, every time. Ace Adhesives can do that and also provide the quality assurance, product innovation, technical expertise, ethical-environmental-legal & regulatory compliance vital in today’s competitive business world.

Our Adhesive Products

PVA & VAE glue dispersions are our largest adhesive product group by volume. These adhesives are sold for packaging, bookbinding and woodworking applications. We manufacture PVAs & VAEs for the UK market at two of our UK sites. Products for EU markets are manufactured in Belgium & France.

Our fastest growing adhesive product group is hotmelts, EVA, metallocene and PSA hotmelts are produced at Gluecom’s French site a few miles south of Paris. These commercial adhesive products are used widely in the packaging and bookbinding sectors and we are particularly strong in food packaging and carton closing.

We are one of only a handful of companies that still manufactures jelly glue and starch based adhesives. Over the years these glue products have been replaced with synthetic adhesive products – but are making a strong come back because of their excellent sustainability and environmental credentials.