As well as supplying our own extensive range of adhesives we also work with a very limited number of trusted partners to distribute their products in the UK. These partners all offer exceptional quality, innovative products and technical expertise.
We hold large stocks of these products giving UK customers short lead times and local technical back up. We also offer relatively low minimum order quantities and security of supply

Our trusted partners

Products from our parent company Gluecom are an integral part of our business. Since 2017 sales of Gluecom products have doubled and brands such as Demcopack, Demcomelt, Davitec & Relitec are used across Europe
HB Fuller is a global company at the forefront of the adhesives industry. With state of the art manufacturing and laboratory facilities they are responsible for many innovative new products and processes. Brands such as AdvantraTM LunatackTM LunameltTM SwiftthermTM SwiftmeltTM OptipurTM and RakollTM are recognised worldwide.
HB Fuller’s adhesives compliment our own products very well and enable us to offer a complete range of adhesives for every application, customer type and budget
Very rarely does a new adhesive come along that changes the way an entire industry thinks. The Planamelt range from Planatol did exactly that – combining the advantages of EVA and HMPUR hotmelts in to one product.
Whilst there are now several imitations of Planamelt the original product has never been surpassed and it continues to gain market share around the world