Why choose Ace Adhesives?

At first glance UK manufacturers have a wide range of companies to choose from when they are looking for an adhesive manufacturer and supplier. However when you take a closer look at the commercial adhesive industry you find that most companies fall in to one of three categories:

Reseller – Normally these adhesive companies give excellent service with speedy delivery and fast response times. They do not manufacture their own products and are often putting their own labels on products they have purchased from multiple glue suppliers. In today’s manufacturing environment traceability is an important consideration and that is much more difficult when you can’t be certain you are getting the same product, from the same supplier every time.

Single Site Industrial Adhesive Manufacturer – These companies also normally give an excellent service and, because they are manufacturing their own commercial glue products, they have control over the raw materials they use. That gives improved traceability and peace of mind. The potential weakness of these companies is their single site – what would happen to adhesive supplies if that site was put out of action for three months? Also – if you are a customer with factories across Europe – getting glue supplies from a single site supplier is often not practical or cost effective.

Multi-National Manufacturer – With multiple sites, large purchasing power and excellent regulatory departments, multi-nationals over some important benefits, particularly to customers with multiple sites. They are often, however, very inflexible, with long lead times, large minimum order quantities and high prices.

Benefits to our buyers with a adhesive group positioning

Operating as an autonomous adhesive company within a group enables us to offer customers the best of these systems. Superb customer service, short lead times and commercial adhesive products manufactured in house are backed up with the purchasing power, regulatory expertise, and technical back up normally only available from multi-nationals.

We supply high quality industrial adhesive products on time, every time.

Quality Control

Our quality control starts before raw materials enter our sites. We only purchase from approved suppliers and we have dealt with most of those for more than 25 years. All raw materials are supplied with a certificate of analysis and critical raw materials are QC checked by our own lab before being released to production. Every batch we manufacture is QC checked at least twice to ensure it meets our specifications before being released.

Tested to the highest standard

Every commercial adhesive batch we manufacture is tested to make sure it meets our internal specifications. Tests occur during manufacture, at the point just before the product is packed and again the following day. Samples of each batch are held for 3 months beyond the products use by date.

Trusted Suppliers

Industrial adhesives form a small, but critically important, part of our customers products. The quality and consistency of the glue products we supply are vitally important, which is why the suppliers we use today are largely the suppliers we used when we started in 1986.

High quality and competitive pricing are obligatory – but we are looking for much more than that. Our suppliers all manufacture, have multiple sites, have technical facilities and offer innovative products. By working with excellent suppliers we are able to ensure our own survival and growth – even in the most difficult times

Approval before dispatch

In today’s fast paced manufacturing environment being able to supply industrial adhesives quickly and efficiently is key. We hold large stock of our best-selling commercial glue products so that delivery can be made in 3-4 days as standard.

We also manufacture many bespoke commercial adhesives and these are made to order. Lead times on these are 10-14 days – although we will always try to deliver more quickly than that if required.

International Group - suppling 35 countries worldwide

With seven sites in four countries Gluecom manufactures a huge range of industrial adhesives for paper packaging and furniture woodworking.

With three sites in the UK we offer high quality industrial adhesive products, fast efficient service and local technical glue expertise.

Our Adhesive Products

PVA & VAE dispersions are our largest product group by volume. These adhesives are sold for packaging, bookbinding and woodworking applications. We manufacture PVAs & VAEs for the UK market at two of our UK sites. Products for EU markets are manufactured in Belgium & France.
Our fastest growing product group is hotmelts. EVA, metallocene and PSA hotmelts are produced at Gluecom’s French site a few miles south of Paris. These products are used widely in the packaging and bookbinding sectors and we are particularly strong in food packaging and carton closing.
We are one of only a handful of companies that still manufactures jelly glue and starch based adhesives. Over the years these products have been replaced with synthetic products – but are making a strong come back because of their excellent sustainability and environmental credentials.