Adhesive Solutions for Packaging & Products

Our experienced technical glue and application specialists work closely with customers and machinery suppliers to optimise performance . Whatever you’re bonding we have the right adhesive solution for you.

Our Adhesive Products

We manufacture PVAs, hotmelts, dextrins & jelly glues. Our main markets are packaging, furniture production, bookbinding and end-of-line packaging.


Take a look around and you will find adhesives are used in many of the items that surround you. The chair you’re sat on, the book you’re reading or the box that your latest gadget was delivered in. Without adhesives the modern world would fall apart.

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With three UK sites – and customers from Cornwall to Inverness – Ace Adhesives is a well established and well respected industrial glue supplier to UK industry.

Ace became part of the Gluecom Group in 2005. With sites in Belgium, France, Poland and the UK Gluecom manufactures PVA dispersions, Hotmelt Adhesives, Starch Adhesives and Jelly Glues.

Ace Adhesives specialises in industrial adhesives for all paper, board and timber applications including: books, brochures & magazines; cardboard cores & tissue paper; corrugated cases; paper bags; folding cartons & trays; litho laminated cartons & cases; lever ach files & ring binders; presentation boxes; worktops; panels, doors; beds & sofas.

Our aim is to build upon the excellent reputation we have as a adhesive manufacturer and supplier , without ever losing sight of what has made us so successful, which is our commitment to provide our clients with quality industrial adhesive products, excellent service and support. For further information please feel free to contact us on 01922 459393 and an experienced member of staff will be happy to help you.

Dedicated technical support team

Our laboratory is always available to carry out technical adhesive service work. We regularly conduct bonding tests, page pulls, Bond strengths etc, on behalf of existing customers.

As well as supplying industrial adhesives we also maintain close links with Machinery and equipment suppliers.

We can therefore offer practical adhesive help and advice to companies who are looking to automate a particular process or manufacture a new product. This support can range from putting people in touch with the relevant supplier right through to fabrication and installation of equipment.

Suppliers & manufactures of jelly glues, hot melt adhesives and more

Established in 1986, Ace Adhesives is the UK’s largest supplier of jelly glues and hot melt adhesives. We supply a vast range of jelly glues and adhesive products such as PVA adhesives, book binding adhesives and many more!

Ace Adhesives specialise in commercial adhesives and hot melt adhesives for all paper & board applications including; Cased & Limp Bound Books, Cardboard Cores & Tissue Paper, Corrugated Cases, Folding Cartons & Trays, Litho Laminated Cartons & Cases, Lever Arch Files & Ring Binders and Rigid Fancy Boxes.

Our aim is to build upon the excellent reputation we have as leading industrial adhesive manufacturers, without ever losing sight of what has made us so successful, which is our commitment to provide our clients with quality products, excellent service and support.

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Every day millions of products are manufactured and packaged in the UK. If it’s made with paper, board or timber our adhesives will bond it. We specialise in adhesives for the following industries: –

Rigid Presentation Boxes
Folding Cartons
Presentation & Postal Tubes
Paper Bags
Carton Sealing
Tray Erection
Pallet Stabilisation
Hardback Books
Magazines & Journals
Worktops, Panels & Cubicles
General Joinery
Tail Tie and Pick-up