What makes Planatol Planamelt unique?

Planatol adhesive is the first Metallocene based hotmelt adhesive innovated for bookbinding.

Very rarely does a new industrial adhesive come along that changes the way an entire industry thinks. The Planamelt range from Planatol did exactly that – combining the advantages of EVA and HMPUR hotmelts in to one product.

Whilst there are now several imitations of Planamelt the original product has never been surpassed and it continues to gain market share around the world

Planatol Products

Planamelt R

The original polyolefin spine glue. Achieves far superior bonds compared to EVA hotmelt
Polyolefin Hotmelt

Planamelt W

All the benefits of Planamelt R – with a white spine
Polyolefin Hotmelt

Planamelt Pro

The latest version of Planamelt. Higher speed with cleaner trimming
Polyolefin Hotmelt

Planatol a unique commercial adhesive designed for the paper manufacturing industry.

In the production of books, catalogues and magazines

Benefits of Planatol to your paper production

  • Looking for ease of use with your bookbinding adhesive, Planatol is as simple to use as traditional EVA hotmelts but provides much stronger bonds.
  • Planamelt has replaced PUR hotmelt adhesives in many binderies. It has the advantages of PUR (powerful bonds) without the disadvantages of PUR (i.e. does not require expensive specialised application equipment.
  • Planatol is a safe industrial adhesive. It is easy to use and benefits your production by reducing your cleaning downtime.

You can view more of our bookbinding adhesive range here.

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