Sustainable adhesives

For many years the use of dextrin adhesives was in decline, as synthetic PVA products became cheaper and were easier to manufacture. As companies look to reduce their environmental impact and improve the sustainability of their products dextrins/starches are making a comeback.

Is Dextrin a natural adhesive?

For brands and manufacturers looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly adhesive, Dextrin is the ideal solution. Dextrin adhesives are fully biodegradable, non-toxic and fully recyclable. The biodegradable adhesive is manufactured through starch hydrolysis and is water-based. In practical applications, a lower amount of glue is often needed to perform in machinery, reducing any potential wastage

Our dextrin’s are manufactured from potato starch and are biodegradable, recyclable and sustainable. They are perfect for laminating paper to board and are widely used in the paper bag industry.

The benefits of Dextrin adhesives

• Ace Adhesives can easily modify the dextrin solution to its desired application as a liquid glue.
• Dextrin adhesives can benefit manufacturers with the ability to provide clean machining.
• Limited flexibility, unlike resin glues, ensures the adhesive lays flat with no curling. It creates a perfect environment for the packaging industry when used with paper and labelling.
• Economic, industrial adhesive solution for mass production.

Why consider biodegradable adhesives?

For packaging manufacturers looking for an entirely green process during the creation of paper packaging, tubes, stickers and laminating processes, a fully biodegradable and water-based adhesive is the solution. Paper products with a short use cycle often end up in the recycling centre or landfill, so a biodegradable adhesive is preferred for an audience engaged with recycling, composting and green products.

Dextrin glue for vegan manufactures

Dextrin adhesive products are created from carbohydrates of vegetable origin for brands and manufacturers looking for a vegan glue option in production and paper processes; Dextrine is the answer as an entirely vegetarian adhesive product

Dextrin Products

Box Covering DEV236

Designed for box-covering & board laminating on semi-automatic and bench top equipment.  DEV236 is made from sustainable raw materials and is fully recyclable.  For bonding paper/board DEV236 is the natural choice.

Paper Bags DEV637

Paste for use on all bag making machine requiring a high viscosity bottom seam adhesive.  DEV637 is made from sustainable raw materials and is fully recyclable.

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Ace Adhesives are experts at Dextrine adhesive solutions and applications

Please speak to our specialist commercial glue and technical adhesive team about your Dextrine glue requirements. Our team work closely with our clientele and machinery suppliers to provide optimum glue performance during your manufacturing process.

Why not speak to our dedicated adhesive support team?

We have our own dedicated technical adhesive laboratory. Our customers can rely on us to conduct in-house testing for bonding strengths and page pulls, allowing us to provide in-depth advice and support for companies looking for practical assistance in manufacturing automation or exploring a new product. You can reach out to our team here