HB Fuller - Woodworking

HB Fuller is a global company at the forefront of the adhesives industry. With state of the art manufacturing and laboratory facilities they are responsible for many innovative new products and processes. The RakollTM brand name is synonymous with technical excellence and innovation
HB Fuller’s durable assembly adhesives compliment our own products very well and enable us to offer a complete range of adhesives for every application, customer type and budget
RakollTM 4933 – HB Fuller’s formaldehyde free D3 PVA adhesive – sets new environmental standards and is an example of HB Fuller’s commitment to providing innovative solutions.

HB Fuller Rakoll Woodworking Products

Helmitin® 14030

A two-component contact adhesive, based on non-flammable solvents. It ensures excellent quality of adhesion under extreme application conditions while at the same time offering short drying times.

Swifthardener 9502

Non-flammable hardener for polyurethane, polychloroprene and nitrile solvent-based adhesives

Rakoll® 4933

Formaldehyde free PVA – certified for indoor air quality standards. For flat lamination flat lamination of paper, foil & veneer, hpl and cpl, solid wood, enginereed wood parquet flooring.
Water Based

Rakoll® 4020

Label-free edge banding HMPUR – a safer alternative
Reactive Hot Melt

Rakoll® ECO3

High Performance D3 PVA with long open time.
Water Based

Rakoll® GXL3

PVA Used for flat lamination.

Water Based

Rakoll® K4/570

Edge-banding hotmelt for medium speeds
EVA Hotmelt

Rakoll® Supermelt Plus

High performance edge-banding hotmelt for slow-medium speeds
EVA Hotmelt